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Knit-Ted Esther Jumper Butermilk


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Buttermilk knit jumper

• Make sure you wash and dry your knit jumper the right way. Always read the attached washing label and its wash- and dry instructions. Wash your garments inside out.

• During machine wash your garment is exposed to an amount of friction. Therefore use a laundry bag to protect your garments from creases, lint and pilling.

• Don’t wash your garments more often than necessary. Wool is self-cleaning, meaning that your wool garments stay fresh without washing. To freshen up your garments, hang them outside or near a window to air. It’s time to wash your garment if the smell hasn’t disappeared after airing. So, air often and wash infrequent.

• Did you know that wool can be washed in hot water? Wool will only shrink when hot water is combined with motion. The garment should be completely still during the washing process. Therefore only machine wash your wool garments on a short wool program, or hand wash.

• Wash wool with a special wool detergent. These laundry detergents are free of enzymes. Detergents with enzymes will destroy the protein in the wool and could result in small holes in your garment.

• You can machine wash our vegan leather on 30 degrees. It’s not suitable for the dryer.

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